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Intelligent Infrastructure

Pervasive Networks can help design and implement intelligent infrastructure solutions which accommodate growth, dynamic changes and effective operational management, complimented with the environmental and power conditioning tools to allow your IT equipment to be properly maintained.

Pervasive Networks can help you with the following data centre, computer room and workplace infrastructure requirements. Call us to find out more.

Racks & Cabinets

Simplify your equipment installation, improve cable management, and ensure your equipment is housed within the correct environment. Pervasive Networks can provide you with wall mountable, discrete and computer room to data centre grade rack and cabinet enclosures, specialist acoustic cabinet enclosures, and integrated solutions for power, cooling, fire protection and environmental management.

Fire Protection

It has been reported that only 28% of organisations actually recover following a serious fire incident, don’t become a statistic! Pervasive Networks fire detection and protection solution for IT & Communications equipment is based on implementing in-cabinet fire architecture. This puts all of the best fire detection and protection methods into the cabinet itself. The result is a faster, more responsive protection of valuable and business critical systems, extinguishing the fire before it has a chance to spread, limiting risk and damage to key assets. This will also result in minimum disruption for your business.

Uninterruptable Power Supply

Power failure to your organisation can sometimes be outside of your control, but disruption to your business doesn’t have to be. Pervasive Networks provides power protection and backup solutions for desktop, rack mount, computer room and data centre environments, ensuring IT, network and communications are protected through reliable, flexible and scalable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solutions.

Environmental Monitoring

Humidity, water and smoke contamination can affect the reliability and responsiveness of your IT. Should your equipment be subjected to any of these conditions your Infrastructure will be compromised. It is important that your IT environment is monitored and you are alerted to any change in condition.

Pervasive Networks environmental monitoring and alerting solution is based on implementing devices that can be equipped with modular sensors for temperature, humidity, water leak, and smoke, this can be additionally sensitive to voltage and physical security measures, in the data centre, computer room, cabinet, rack and even the day to day workplace environment. Each device can be remotely managed and will send you an alarm when a sensor is activated so that you can take the appropriate preventative actions.

Copper & Fibre Cabling

Pervasive Networks cabling services cover structured Category 5, Category 5E, Category 6 copper and Fibre solutions, fibre backbones, blown fibre systems, all installations follow the Pervasive Networks life cycle services methodology for effective deployment and operation.


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