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Review Phase

Enabling informed decisions

Everybody needs to understand why a project is being undertaken, what a project actually consists of, what the benefits are to the organisation, and how its success is to be measured. The review phase of Pervasive Networks lifecycle services methodology allows for informed decisions which can be understood by everybody before entering the implementation planning stages of an investment.

The review phase is a multi stage approach in support of the planning phase of our services methodology; it starts with a strategic review and requirements analysis which ends with a documented solution recommendation that can also be proven within an agreed test environment for your peace of mind.

Strategic Review & Requirements Analysis

A key element for us is to ensure we understand your organisation’s strategic direction and management objectives. If you are a new customer to us it is vital we get to know each other and that we take time to understand your organisation, your people, your culture, your customers and how you currently operate. We then turn this review stage into an analysis of your requirements detail, spending time to make sure we understand all information, any issues, and any specific objectives surrounding what you need to achieve.

Technology Audit

Whether you are a new or an existing client, we assess what technology is already in place, where it is, and what version of software it is running. If you have not got access to this information or such information is not up to date, we can conduct an audit service to establish this information on your behalf. This will allow us to make recommendations which can extend the life of existing infrastructure that you have and protect that investment. This information is also vital for planning the implementation of any changes or new investment.

Design Review

Once we fully understand what technology is in place, we recommend that a design review is undertaken of your existing installation. This will highlight if your current infrastructure will meet the demands of your captured requirements,either through an existing technology upgrade or if new technology must be deployed, this will also outline any configuration requirements for consideration within our recommendations.

Technology Evaluation

Before making our final recommendation, we will work with you to evaluate technology options and manufacturers to ensure the best fit for you. This can be conducted in a detailed independent management advisory role or by coordinating manufacturer engagement and demonstrations.

Solution Recommendation

Our recommendations will ensure you understand the technology, design and the processes for planning, implementing and operating a solution in support of your requirements. Pervasive Networks will outline all financial options and the total cost of ownership related to the solution and where possible we will indicate a clear return on the investment.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept stage is always worth undertaking and especially for more leading edge projects and environments which cannot afford for much downtime. This review stage will ensure the final recommended solution will achieve the desired goals by testing certain key criteria in a controlled test environment.


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