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Operations Phase

The operational phase of our life cycle services methodology is where we provide you with the documentation, training, support & maintenance, and optional full management of your technology investment. All our deliverables will be outlined and managed against a statement of operational services with clearly defined and measurable service levels.

Pervasive Networks Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certified helpdesk, based at our Newbury network operations centre (NOC) provides a single point of contact accessible via telephone, e-mail and through the Pervasive Customer Support Portal for all support and maintenance purposes, as well as other operational service management activities such as remote management and monitoring, change control, and configuration management, all to best practices as defined by ITIL.

Pervasive Networks have modularised our operations services into the following flexible services for your ease of choice and so we can tailor our operational involvement to your requirements;


Standard and or tailored operational documentation in support of ease of reference and continued understanding of the technology and solutions we provide.


Onsite tailored training at a pace to suit you and or official vendor certification training in support of transferring knowledge and skills related to the technology and solutions we provide.

Support & Maintenance

Pervasive Networks provide a wide range of support and maintenance services, which have also been grouped into common packages to make selecting your service requirement more straight forward.
Many of our clients choose to mix and match the services to suit specific areas of their environment, or Pervasive Networks will work with you to create a tailored service specifically to meet your requirements and then deliver these services through a defined statement of support with a specific Service Level Agreement.
The Standard service offerings include:

Remote Management & Monitoring

Remote Management and Performance Monitoring provides a further enhanced level of service. This service constantly monitors your network looking for any early warning signs of possible issues. A set of pre-defined tolerances are agreed, and should any out of tolerance situations arise an alert is triggered stating the issue. These tolerances can be set to show early symptoms that could indicate a problem that could impact the available service.

Environmental, utilisation and error checks can be constantly monitored to confirm that devices are operating within stable working parameters.

Remote Device Monitoring provides alerting and auto ticketing in the event of a product or component failure covered under your Pervasive Networks support contract. Alerts can be sent by both email and or SMS allowing for a more proactive support response verses reacting to a failure by telephone or email escalation.

We can also take over the total network management on your behalf.

Configuration Management & Change Control

As part of Pervasive Networks support services offering, hourly remote engineering credits or daily onsite engineering credits can be purchased. The Pervasive Networks Configuration management service ensures that any unexpected moves, adds, changes and configuration requirements can be performed quickly, flexibly and effectively.

Pervasive Networks can also act as your change control authority and centrally manage all change control requirements related to moves, adds and changes within your network infrastructure ensuring your records and processes are always up to date for back out and audit purposes.

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