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ICT in Healthcare

ICT has become the backbone to how healthcare is delivered. Speed, reliability and mobility for accessing medical records and test results, administering prescriptions, and scheduling resources all while ensuring patient confidentiality is paramount.

Pervasive has built a successful reputation across the NHS and private healthcare market. We understand how and why ICT in Healthcare is fundamental in supporting the reform in healthcare delivery.

Improving your patient experience with ICT

With all our solutions we look to how we can positively impact the provision of healthcare, staff productivity and service efficiency while continually improving the patient experience. We have experience in the NHS and healthcare markets and are a recognised supplier by the NHS purchasing and supplies agency (PASA) for providing solutions which are driving improved healthcare services.

Pervasive can enable secure, reliable and flexible access to healthcare and patient information, while introducing collaboration methodologies and mobility in the delivery of patient care services, all with an aim to enhance the patient experience and raise healthcare standards.

Pervasive have helped our healthcare customers to;

Your ICT partner for your healthcare environment

Pervasive have a number of healthcare customers that are able to share their experience of Pervasive with you, you can review their case studies here, or if you want to talk to our ICT in healthcare team please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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