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Business Continuity Solutions

The implications of a disaster, manmade or natural are often too hard to imagine. How much money would you actually lose if you can’t access systems or communicate with your customers? What other effects would a disaster have on your organisation? Do you have business continuity solutions in place that will minimise the impact?

One thing is for sure, unplanned downtime has to be prevented as it will lead to a negative disruption within any organisation and the costs can be catastrophic.

Pervasive are actively helping our customers in support of business continuity by;

A clearly defined strategy

Pervasive Networks understands that technology itself can’t be the answer and that business continuity solutions with a strategic plan and defined processes which are periodically tested are vital. We are providing managed services that create, initiate and test technology resilience and high availability in support of business continuity.

Do you need help planning business continuity?

Then give us a call, we’d be delighted to help put together business continuity solutions to protect your organisation.


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