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Financial Stability

A lasting partnership

When looking for a partnership with a supplier, it is important to make sure that the supplier is financially stable and able to deliver on the commitments it makes to you. The results of choosing a wrong partner to support you can be catastrophic, not only in terms of failure to deliver a promised solution and service, but also the cost to replace a failed partner can be big. Getting it wrong is not an option for you, so having clear indications of financial stability and strength is vital.

A growing business

Pervasive Networks Ltd as a business is continuing to grow and be profitable. With our strong financial performance, we actively encourage our clients or prospective clients to review our financial statements or take reference from our professional partners and perform due diligence to satisfy themselves that we are a suitable and stable partner they can rely on.

Credit ratings

Pervasive Networks enjoys very good credit ratings, giving both customers and supplier’s confidence in our ability to continue performing in line with our commitments.

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